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Despite all the capabilities a modern digital device provides people still use them only for basic tasks. Take your smartphone for instance, despite the fact it has enough power to solve complex equations or can film, edit, and distribute your own high definition movie, most individuals use it to check email, send messages, take photos and browse the internet.

Laptops are the same story, yet people continually buy machines that are far more powerful than their needs require. The average laptop runs for about $600 - $1,000 which is very expensive when you consider most people just need a basic word processor and a web browser. Not to mention Operating Systems like Windows and MacOS are complicated.

When I was in college I would receive weekly phone calls from my mother complaining about how her windows operating system was acting strange or an application wasn’t working right etc… For her to write papers and read news articles on her laptop took an awful lot of my time.

Then came Google with these devices called Chromebooks, low powered laptops that ran a simple Operating System that was geared towards users who just wanted to browse the internet, check email and write papers. Best of all it was half the price and half the weight of my mother’s current laptop. So I bought one for her.

It was night and day, within a week she no longer needed to call me for help. In fact it has been years now and I have only had about two calls regarding it. So when I started dating my wife and she complained about the same issues I immediately went online and bought her the same thing.

When my Macbook began to die, what did I do, I bought myself a Chromebook, (then promptly installed Gallium OS on it). Clearly I am a big fan of the Chromebook and for good reason it is a great product that followed innovation wisdom. Few people use a computer because they love running antivirus software, and departitioning their drives, they use a computer to do work and a great product is one that doesn’t impede you in the task it was designed to serve.

So unless you are a Programmer, Photographer, Videographer, Audio Engineer or Gamer don’t waste money on an expensive laptop, be smart buy a Chromebook.

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