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3 minute read

Many people want to be their own boss, and they feel running their own startup is a way to do it. However, being an entrepreneur is not for the faint of heart. Startups are all about risk, but how much risk is too much? Is it necessary to put it all on the line? Honestly I don’t think so. I know there are plenty of stories of founders who put their house up or personally guaranteed loans they couldn’t afford, so on and so forth. But for every one of those stories there are 10 untold ones about…


3 minute read

Micromanagers are the bane of any field that requires creativity. If you haven’t experienced one then consider yourself blessed, and to everyone else, I understand your pain. I worked for one particularly awful micromanager who had a need to control every aspect of our project. We were developing a web application and had a handful of developers on the project plus a frontend designer. The manager in question had zero experience in any of these fields but had worked for a bank and believed the…


2 minute read

The startup environment is like playing the slots: exciting, nervous, disappointing and exciting again. A cycle that only ends if you hit it big or run out of money, and too often it is the latter. Startups fail, large or small, and the majority of them fail. After a lot of late night thoughts reminiscing on my own startup experiences, a light bulb went off. Startups fail when they do not possess three crucial factors. The right product, at the right time, with the right message.

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I have spent the last 10 years in product and technology, before that I worked as a television producer. I love history, technology, and really geeky things.