Apps Every Startup Should Use (updated)

10 Apps to help your startup be more productive


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Keeping your books in order and having a reliable and easy to use invoicing system is crucial to the smooth operation of your startup. Wave is all that and more. It ingests bank transactions in real time, auto reminds on invoices and can even accept credit card payments for invoices. Best of all it can do all of this for free! I have used Wave for personal and business affairs and it has never let me down.


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Okay the title is technically a lie, since there is no magic language that is good for every task. If you think there is, then you probably use Javascript, and are still wrong.

Markdown Syntax Guide

Sample article showcasing basic Markdown syntax and formatting for HTML elements.

Hugo Authors

3 minute read

This article offers a sample of basic Markdown syntax that can be used in Hugo content files, also it shows whether basic HTML elements are decorated with CSS in a Hugo theme.


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Most hiring processes are very inefficient, with numerous methodologies being employed and a lot of money spent to determine whether or not a person will succeed in the role. Yet despite all this effort, time, and cost, most companies still struggle to find and hire the right people.

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